Lecture (13th August 2019, Hong Kong): Summer Institute Yuk Hui Public Lecture – Commons or Fragments

Summer Institute Yuk Hui Public Lecture – Commons or Fragments


Commons or Fragments?


This lecture, instead of seeking to identify future commons with any material or immaterial being as the beginning of politics, attempts to ask, what if such future commons, in so far as it is not yet and probably will never be, what kind of politics can be opened up. In juxtaposition to the commons, it proposes to reflect on this question through its opposite, fragments.The talk will be conducted in English, with English to Cantonese simultaneous interpretation.



Summer Institute is a two-week programme of student seminars and distinguished lectures aiming to address the ways in which urgent philosophical issues apply pressure to contemporary cultural production.

Derived from the belief that common resources such as air, water, a habitable earth, and current resources such as technology and medicine belong to everyone, “Future Commons” is the speculative exploration of how communities are able to determine customs of life within sustainable means.


more information: https://www.taikwun.hk/en/programme/detail/summer%20institute%20yuk%20hui%20public%20lecture%20%E2%80%93%20commons%20or%20fragments/431

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