17 11 月, 2023
Technophany, Journal of Philosophy and Technology is pleased to announce that it has just begun publishing articles “online first” of its new special issue dedicated to philosophical reflections on entropy, edited by Dr. Joel White and Prof. Gerald Moore. Please find below the first three articles by Dorion Sagan, Drew Dalton and Lilian Kroth as well as links to their pdfs. More articles will be being published over the coming months.
Entropy, Said the Devil (Entropy & its Discontents: From Heat Death to the Eternal Return)
Dorion Sagan
The Unbecoming of Being The Thermodynamic Revolution and the Metaphysics and Ethics of Decay
Drew Dalton
Entropy’s Critical Translations Following Serres’s Path through the North-West-Passage
Lilian Kroth



關鍵字: 技術哲學、科技哲學、數碼研究


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