Annual Report 2022


2021 has proven to be a very fruitful year for the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology. We welcomed the three new members in the academic committee, including Professor Ishida Hidetaka (JP) and Professor Andoni Alonso (ES) and Professor Susanna Lindberg (NL), who will bring new inspirations to the network. We also started our inaugural affiliate programme with eight outstanding young scholars from around the world.

On 5 August 2021, with the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, we launched the inaugural Bernard Stiegler Memorial Lecture. This year in 2022, we are planning the second memorial lecture to be presented by the American philosopher, Carl Mitcham. In addition to this annual event, we have also initiated a monthly series of research seminars called Dialogues in Philosophy and Technology, in collaboration with the City University of Hong Kong, the Berggruen China Center and Hanart Forum. Over the past months, we presented eight seminars with world renowned philosophers and researchers, including: Catherine Malabou, Susanna Lindberg, Andrew Feenberg, Luciana Parisi, amongst others. Alongside these regular events, we also organised several book talks with authors such as Hub Zwart (Erasmus University NL), and Román Domínguez Jiménez (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile), and Wendy Chun (Simon Fraser University, CA). We also organised a workshop Technology and The State: The 200th Anniversary of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right together with international scholars in US, Germany, France and Russia.

As part of our institutional collaborations, we partnered with the Media Lab of the Times Museum in Guangzhou on two projects: an interdisciplinary artist-in-residency programme dedicated to art and technology, and a seminar series and symposium on Chinese medicine. Additionally, we  launched the first two issues of Technophany, a journal for philosophy and technology, published in collaboration with the Rabould University Press (NL), including a general issue and a special issue dedicated to cosmotechnics in Latin America. We intend to carry on this incredible momentum into the following years.

Prof. Dr. habil. Yuk Hui
Academic Chair, Research Network for Philosophy and Technology

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