Dialogues on Philosophy and Technology – Research Seminar Series 2021-22

Dialogues on Philosophy and Technology is a seminar series initiated by the Cosmotechnics/Critical AI research project, supported by the City University of Hong Kong in collaboration with the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology. The series features lectures and workshops with leading scholars in the philosophy of technology and aims to address urgent questions on philosophy and technology today.

The relationship between philosophy and technology has only gained attention in the nineteenth century in view of the various industrial revolutions and its advancement on a global scale. A humanist approach has been challenged by a robust and intensifying process of technisation presented as a series of crises. This series of seminars is dedicated to the dialogue between philosophy and technology by exploring different ways of thinking from the perspectives of biology, epistemology, engineering, and mathematics, in an ever-accelerating technological world.

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I. Catherine Malabou: Epigenetic Mimesis (14.10.2021)
II. Global Perspectives on Philosophy of Engineering and Technology (11.11.2021)
III. Jean-Hugues Barthélémy: Towards Philosophical Relativity (24.11.2021)
IV. Susanna Lindberg: Bernard Stiegler’s Love of Music  (7.12.2021)
V. Anna Longo: Predictive Technology vs. Prophetic Techne (19.1.2022) 
VI. Henning Schmidgen: Machinic Normativity (11.02.2022)
VII. Andrew Feenberg: Meaning and Existence (16/17.03.2022)
VIII. Luciana Parisi: Instrumentality and Possibility (27.4.2022)
IX. Alexander R. Galloway: A Brief History of Digital Philosophy in 10 Expressions (01.11.2022)


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