Event (20th August 2019, Tokyo): Hidetaka Ishida × Yuk Hui × Hiroki Azuma “Is a Post-European Philosophy of/in Technology Possible?

August 10, 2019

Hidetaka Ishida × Yuk Hui × Hiroki Azuma “Is a Post-European Philosophy of/in Technology Possible? On Hui’s The Question Concerning Technology in China and Ishida and Azuma’s New Semiotics.”


【Event Outline】

Is a Post-European Philosophy of/in Technology Possible?


We are honored to host eminent Berlin-based philosopher Yuk Hui, who will hold an open discussion on the future of philosophy with Hidetaka Ishida, Honorary Professor at the Univ. of Tokyo, and Hiroki Azuma.


Yuk Hui published The Question Concerning Technology in China (in English, from Urbanomics) in 2016, whose translation into Japanese we at Genron are now working on, in which he argues for the necessity of inventing a new philosophy under which we can analyze the social and cultural problems in/of technology (e.g. artificial intelligence, the smart city, robotics, etc.) beyond the European tradition of thinking on humans and techne (art and/or technology). Ishida and Azuma recently published a long dialogue titled New Semiotics (Shin Kigouron, in Japanese, from Genron) and examined the various philosophical problems and difficulties that emerge between the European tradition of mind theory, from Spinoza to Husserl and Freud, and the actual development of digital media technologies. In this discussion, we will delve into the intersection of these two books’ problematics and explore the invention of a new kind of philosophy, especially under the technological conditions of digital media and the cultural conditions of Asian society.


The talk will last 2 to 2.5 hours. The discussion will follow lectures by Yuk Hui and Ishida. Both the lectures and discussion will be in English.

*At-door tickets will be 3,100 yen (includes 1 drink). Ticket prices include consumption tax.
*Visitors can display a student ID (university, technical college, etc.) to receive 500
yen cash back on the day of the talk at reception. A membership discount cannot be
used together with this student discount.
*We do not accept cancelations of tickets after payment is complete. Thank you in
advance for your understanding.


[Entry and Seating]
*Doors will open at 6 PM, one hour before the talk begins.
*Seats will not be assigned based on ticket purchase order. Seating will be
determined on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the event.
*If the size of the audience exceeds a hundred people, we may need to place visitors
who arrive later than others in seats with poor visibility or in a standing-room only
section. Early arrival is recommended.


*Events may go beyond their stated ending time. A break of about ten minutes in
length will be provided.
*Audience members may enter and exit freely.
*Audience members may use the bar counter to order drinks and more during the talk.
*Audience seats are non-smoking during events.
*Alcohol will not be served to minors or individuals who drove to the event.
*We plan to upload video of this event to the internet. Please understand that visitors may be shown on camera.
*Please, no unauthorized video or sound recording during the event.
*For any questions or information about events or ticketing, please contact us at info@genron.co.jp

[Live Streaming]

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