Publication: Journal of China Academy of Art (vol.41, no.6, 2020)

October 3, 2020

Journal of China Academy of Art

We are pleased to see the proceedings of our symposium “40 Years after The Postmodern Condition” (November 2019) coming out as a special issue of the Journal of the China Academy of Art (Vol.41 No.6), including articles from Jean-François Lyotard, Bernard Stiegler, Sarah Wilson, Ashley Woodward, Hiroki Azuma, Yuk Hui and others.


目錄 Table of Content


05-16许煜 Yuk HUI
利奥塔,在我们之后:《后现代状况》出版四十周年 Lyotard, After Us: 40 Years after The Postmodern Condition


17-25[法]雅尼克·布朗 Yannick BLANC
信息与知识的游戏:让-弗朗索瓦·利奥塔访谈 Le jeu de l’information et du savoir (1980)


26-36[法]让-弗朗索瓦·利奥塔 Jean-François LYOTARD
哲学与绘画在其实验的时代 La philosophie et la peinture à l’ère de leur expérimentation (1981)


37-51[ 法 ] 贝尔纳·斯蒂格勒 Bernard STIEGLER
利奥塔和我们:“太阳之死”与人类纪 Lyotard and Us ‘Death of the Sun’ and the Anthropocene Era


52-65[英]萨拉·威尔逊  Sarah WILSON
作为虚空画的哲学:利奥塔的爆炸式崇高 Philosophy as a vanitas : Lyotard’s exploded Sublime


66-74许煜 Yuk HUI
展览与感知化:“非物质”展的再语境化 Exhibiting and Sensibilizing: Recontextualizing “Les Immatériaux”


75-87[日] 东浩纪 Hiroki AZUMA
如何化数据库动物为政治动物?从悖谬逻辑到悖谬-观众 How can Database Animals be Political Animals?: From Paralogy to Para-Audience


88-100[澳] 艾什利·伍德沃德 Ashley WOODWARD
系统失灵? System Failure?


101-112李洋 LI Yang
利奥塔与异电影的谱系学 Lyotard and the Genealogy of Acinéma

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