Anuncio de asociación de Technophany y Radboud University Press

mayo 26, 2023
Technophany is delighted to announce a publishing partnership with Radboud University Press, an open-access publisher of high-quality academic peer-reviewed books and journals. It offers its publications free of charge for both authors and readers through the Openjournals platform. Technophany is a journal of the

Call for Papers: Computational Creativity – número especial de Technophany, editado por Anna Longo

agosto 14, 2022
COMPUTATIONAL CREATIVITY Guest Editor: Anna Longo   Artistic creation and aesthetic evaluation are traditionally considered as faculties that differentiate human thinking from machine operations. However, recent developments in computer science and artificial intelligence seem to have challenged the assumption that machines are  incapable of expressing creative behaviours. Recent advancements in AI and machine learning have

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