Lanzamiento de la publicación (9 de mayo de 2021): Filosofía después de la automatización

Dialogues on Philosophy and Technology | Research Seminar I

Publication launch of
Philosophy after Automation
special issue of Philosophy Today (Vol.65 No.2)

Sunday, 9th May 2021
8pm Hong Kong / 2pm Paris / 1pm London / 8am New York
Online event, register to join:
The articles are now open access on Philosophy Today for three months.

Yuk Hui (Hong Kong)
Katerina Kolozova (Skopje)
Michał Krzykawski (Katowice)
Pieter Lemmens (Nijmegen)
Anna Longo (Paris)
Babette Babich (New York)

For the inaugural event of the Dialogues on Philosophy and Technology research seminar  series, we are pleased to announce the launch of a special issue of Philosophy Today titled “Philosophy after Automation”. It seeks to ask: What is the status of philosophy in the epoch of technological automation? The history of automata in the West can be traced from the ancient Greeks’ automata-slave double to the moderns’ fear of robot revolts, passing by various periods, notably the early modern time closely associated with the mechanism of Descartes and the calculating machine of Leibniz, the cybernetic movement in the 20th century—a history which is often reduced to a simple term “machine”. This long history of technology also leads to what Heidegger calls “the end of Western philosophy”. How then could philosophy reflect on its own condition in view of such an end? “Philosophy after Automation” attempts to resituate philosophy in the history of technological automation and vice versa.

Edited by Yuk Hui with contributions by Hiroki Azuma, Babette Babich, Eduardo Vivieros de Castro, Howard Caygill, Pieter Lemmens, Katerina Kolozova, Michał Krzykawski, Anna Longo, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Bernard Stiegler.


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